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Ugg Maylin Boots in Dark Brown

Ugg Maylin Boots in Dark Brown

Ugg Chestnut Maylin Boots

Ugg Chestnut Maylin Boots

Ugg Maylin Boots in Dark Brown, Chestnut or Black

These Ugg Maylin Boots are traditional sheepskin boots, made from twin faced sheepskin shearling, with a luxurious oversized shearling cuff which is fully on display in all its glory.

The shearling cuff is split at the back, displaying the Ugg logo label (see below).

The Ugg Maylin boots are available in UK sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Material: Sheepskin upper, sheepskin inner, rubber soles.

I love this new Maylin style from Ugg. These boots are similar to the Ugg Classic, but the shearling cuff gives them an eyecatching look of opulence, and I like the way the cuff parts at the back to reveal the brand label. These boots are soft, luxurious, and absolutely ideal for keeping your toes warm and cosy when the temperatures, unlike you and me, head south.

UK based, worldwide delivery available.

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