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Cheryl Cole Shoe Collection at Stylist Pick

Cheryl Cole is launching her brand new shoe collection during December at Stylist Pick.

“I wanted my first collection of shoes to be everything I ever dreamt of,” she says.

“My own colour schemes and my own thoughts. And we got there today!”

Stylist Pick offers a new way of shopping, suggesting items for you based on your own, personal style. Here is how it works:

  • You answer questions about your style and preferences in a fun fashion quiz
  • The fashion experts at Stylist Pick then recommend items for you that they think you might like, based on your answers.
  • You pick and choose what items you want

Of course, you are not obliged to buy anything and you get 25% off your first item. Cool! Oh, and I nearly forgot to say – monthly must-have buys are only £39.96 each with free delivery- and free returns if you need to.

Click here to visit Stylist Pick.

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