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Mou Eskimo Sheepskin Boots Mou Eskimo Sheepskin Boots

Mou Eskimo Sheepskin Boots in Dark Gold, Silver, White, Light Gold, Grey, Blue, Beige, Red or Pink

These Mou Eskimo Sheepskin Boots are genuine twin faced lambskin boots which are available in nine different colours. The boots are calf high and feature decorative stitched seams and edges. The boots are a slip on fit and have a chunky EVA sole with a good grip. They have a round toe.

These boots are available in sizes 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 6.5 and 7.5

Measurements: height: 8.0″ /20cm; opening: 9.0″ /23cm

Material: Lambskin upper, rubber sole

Perfect for the cold weather, these adorable Eskimo Mou Boots will keep your toes toasty and your look stylish. The boots are available in both a metallic finish and a normal suede finish.

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