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Silver Hunter Wellies

Silver Hunter Wellies in Original Tall, Clog and Lace-up

From £35

The Silver Hunter Wellies are available in three variants – the original tall adult wellington boot, picture near right; the original lace-up wellies pictured far right, and the quirky original clogs pictured below right. All of the different wellies feature the Hunter label and each are charming in their own way, although my personal preference is for the original tall wellies. Of course, you can please yourself 🙂

Material: 100% rubber latex

Bring out a dazzling side on a rainy (or snowy) day with these metallic silver wellies. If it is snowy – think about getting some Hunter Wellie liners as well to keep your feet nice and warm.

UK based, free UK delivery and returns, free delivery to EU countries.

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